About Addict To Awesome

Addict to Awesome, aka A2A, is a place to go if you’ve overcome your struggles with addiction and are asking yourself “NOW WHAT?” If you’ve busted your buns building that solid foundation and are ready to start building your dream castle on it you’ve come to the right place.

Launched in 2015 to develop a community of open minded, forward thinking, amazing individuals who believe that our struggles were for a greater purpose and can lead us to that amazing life we always dreamed of. We also believe that…

  • Everyone has a purpose to fulfill
  • There’s another level after recovery called awesome
  • Recovery is only the beginning of the awesome life that’s in store for us
  • We gained valuable experience and skills through our addictions that , if reframed, can actually give us an edge in living our own versions of awesomeness
  • Each of us has something that we can do better than anyone else and gives us unique value.
  • It’s our birthright to live that amazing life we envisioned long ago and it’s never too late to start
  • The only things holding us back are our own excuses we created in our own minds based on b.s. stories we chose to believe
  • We are who we tell ourselves we are each day

Your time on this earth is meant to be spent being the best possible version of yourself. Your struggles have been your teacher. You already have the tools you need. It’s time to take ACTION!


Hi, I’m Greg Boudle and I live an awesome life today. I can’t wait to wake up each day and live my life exactly as I want to.  I’m 56 years old and spent 40 of those years in active addiction. When I finally decided I had enough pain I found my way into a 12 step recovery program. It saved my life. After about 3 years of living clean and sober I began to question the term “normal way of living”. Is this all there is? What about all those dreams I had for my life? Clean and sober brought a lot of peace into my life but I wanted to be CLEAN AND SUPER.

I drove to all lower 48 states to see if anyone else in recovery could answer these questions for me. Finally, after hitting a wall I decided to seek mentors outside of the church basements. I read all the personal development books I could get my hands on and attended conventions, events, you name it. What I found was beyond belief at first. People who were living my dreams. People who had come from struggles and suffering very similar to mine just not with addiction.

The difference was they were using those struggles to their advantage in living meaningful lives full of passion and purpose. The funny thing was, the tools and skills they were using were almost identical to what I had learned in addiction and recovery.  I was already halfway there. All I had to do was make a simple mindshift and keep doing what I was doing.

This website is a way for me to share the love in my heart for anyone out there who has those same questions I had and wants to relaunch their lives now that the demons are in check. I’ll be posting weekly blogs packed with value and wisdom that I gather from others on this awesome journey and looking for direction from you in how I can serve you in your journey. Success, for me, is measured in how much I can provide to the world.