Another Christmas Story

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As I sit here, 3 days removed from Christmas, I reflect on another Christmas season. A few weeks a year when we all give ourselves permission to return to that childlike state. That state where we’re able to take pause from our hectic lives we’ve created for ourselves as adults and just enjoy certain beauties. All of our senses get …

Cross, Healing, Christianity


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Christianity teaches us of the holy trinity.. Father, Son, and Holy ghost.  This translates to me as Mind, Body, and Spirit. Each of us has those 3 entities as part of our being. This is how I came to understand that we are all God and God is all us. Mentors of mine like to break it into 4 categories …

Letter From My Dog

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Dear Greg, I haven’t communicated through language since my spirit was in a human body so bear with me. Once we are aware that there is no need for separation, language is no longer needed. There is only love. I’m connecting with you in the form of a dog in order that I may teach you. It’s much easier for …

The Advice Myth

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There are many so called “experts” out there ready and willing to give me advice at every turn on this journey. Some will do it for a small amount of cash in the basket or a credit card number. Others will give it for free with the purest  intentions. Some of it I found valuable and other times it’s really …

Waking Up

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As I begin to wake up it appears that the world around me is waking up with me. Are we living in a new era of enlightenment or has it always been like this and I was just blind to it? During my dark years I used to think that reality really sucked but today I know everything I thought …

My Mantra

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I am only on this earth to serve others I am here to represent God who created me I never have to concern myself with what to do or say next for God will guide me I learn so that I may teach and teach so that I may learn. I am grateful.